The A List Awards - ShortList 2017

Congratulations to our editor, Chris Franklin, on his short list nominees this year for Editing under the 'Film Advertising Craft' for The A List Awards! 

The nominees include Heineken's "There's More Behind The Star" campaign featuring three spots titled "Famous", "Family Secret", and "The Look", and also a second nominee for a Nespresso spot called "Change Nothing". 

Best of luck to Chris and all the other nominees as the winners are announced later this spring!

Optum 'How Well Gets Done'

We're very excited about the release of some of our editor, Chris Franklin's, latest spots for Optum that he worked on with Y&R, The Malloys at Superprime, Chris Ryan at Nice Shoes, and Joe O'Connell at Blast. 

With an incredible team like that, it's no surprise we're loving how these have turned out. 

Watch two of the spots below and keep your eyes peeled for more releasing later this spring!

New Songs For All Your Sides

They've done it again! Our dear friends over at Ogilvy and our editor, Chris Franklin, cut these spots together and now we're really feeling the Nationwide fever. They feature two of the same stars from Nationwide's last Songs campaign, Brad Paisley and Leslie Odom Jr., as they sing two brand new songs to the same classic jingle. Watch them below and start singing along today!

Heineken "The Look"

Check out another Heineken spot that our editor Chris Franklin cut for Publicis' campaign, "There's More Behind The Star" with Benicio del Toro, that's been airing recently. And after this, there's still one more spot from the campaign that may air later this year, so be on the lookout for more BDT to come!

USPS and Hippos

We're excited to announce that the latest spot Chris cut with McCann for USPS is airing for the holidays! With an oldie song, this one is perfect for the winter season, and we're sure many parents can relate as they begin the gift search for their own children. Check out the spot here, and happy holidays from everyone here at Big Sky!

Heineken for the Holidays

Benicio del Toro is back in action, and just in time for the holiday season! Watch another Heineken spot that Chris cut with Publicis, and be on the lookout for another one to release in the new year!

The Lemon Twigs 'As Long As We're Together'

We were thrilled to have director Autumn de Wilde back in our office as she and our editor, Miky Wolf, put together a music video for the band, The Lemon Twigs. The video features their recent hit 'As Long As We're Together' from their upcoming album called 'Do Hollywood', which releases tomorrow! 

The video's design is unique just like the artists themselves, and their sound is a cross between pop and rock genres. And, they're originally from Long Island! Check out the spot below, and make sure to look out for their album launch tomorrow.

Also, just as a side note, Elton John tweeted about the video earlier today. So, there's that, too...

Avon 'This is Boss Life'

We had the privilege of working with The Terri & Sandy Solution on this fun and colorful campaign for Avon, called 'This is Boss Life'. This music video spot includes a re-make of Gloria Gaynor's song, 'I Will Survive', to encourage women to become their own bosses and have the flexibility of making their own schedules. Read about the spot below that our editor Chris Franklin cut, and watch the spot here!

Nationwide & Leslie Odom Jr.

Keep your eyes peeled for our latest Nationwide spot that our editor Chris Franklin worked on with Ogilvy, featuring Leslie Odom Jr.

We loved watching him jam out to his jazzy version of the Nationwide jingle, and we hope you do, too!