Six By Sondheim Round-up

It's been a few weeks since Six by Sondheim finally premiered on HBO (it's still on HBO GO, if you haven't seen it!) and there's been a variety of pieces written about it, as well as some lovely things said about Miky. Below is a round-up of some of our favorite articles about the film. Since we predominately work on commercials, it's been really interesting to experience the life of a film like this one. It's been such a part of the fabric of everyday life at Big Sky, and we've all had to adjust to life after SBS. The whole project was a treat to work on, though, and we'll definitely miss having all our wonderful collaborators around the office!

Elle's review hailed Six by Sondheim as the "best documentary ever made on the art form".

Matt Steitz zeroed in on the discussion of making art that is one of the pillars of the movie.

An interview with Miky Wolf that covers his editing background, the initial intention, and the process of cutting the film.

This review by Odie Henderson of Roger Ebert's website is a great summary of the film's highlights.