Raving Reviews for "Custody"

"Custody" premiered this Sunday night at the Tribeca Film Festival and we were thrilled that it was so well received! 

Congratulations to our friend and director, James Lapine, and to Big Sky's own editor, Miky Wolf!

The film features the story of a NYC family court judge, played by Viola Davis, as she handles the case of a single mother trying to regain custody of her children after a physical altercation with her son. The story is based on James' experience watching a friend work as a judge. Because of that the film resonates deeply with the audience as a realistic but powerful tale of the judicial system, demonstrating the affects that it can have on all parties involved.

Click on the links below to read some of the most recent articles about the film, and make sure you see it as soon as it comes out in theaters! You won't be sorry.