"Streetwise" Trailer

Martin Bell’s 1984 documentary “Streetwise” has been restored and will be featured at the Metrograph on July 19th. We’re happy to share this trailer that we cut for the film, which is also being added to the Criterion Collection.

Editor: Chris Franklin
Mixer: Tom Jucarone at Sound Lounge

Filmed in 1983, “Streetwise” follows the story of a group of homeless and runaway teens living in Seattle. As you might expect, the documentary presents the true look at what many were going through during that era, and still go through to this day. Filmmaker Martin Bell teamed with photographer Mary Ellen Mark and journalist Cheryl McCall to follow the group of at-risk children as they face hardships like love, poverty, drugs, and everything else a teen might go through living on the streets.

“Streetwise” was nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards that year and due to its popularity and acclaim, Martin Bell went back to work decades later to catch up with one of the subjects of that landmark feature. “Tiny: The Life of Erin Blackwell” continues the story of one of the “Streetwise” subjects, now a 44-year-old mother of 10 kids, reflects on her life. It’s yet another hard-hitting look at the effects of life on the street as a young woman grows into an adult.

“Streetwise” and ‘Tiny’ will arrive at Metrograph on July 19.

Chris Franklin