Prada - Gold Winner: The A List Awards 2016

"The Battlefield"

Congratulations to our editor Miky Wolf on receiving a Gold award from The A List Awards for 'Sound Design' on his Prada spot titled 'The Battlefield'! We're so happy for him!

'The Battlefield', 'The Make Out', and the overall campaign titled, 'The Postman Dreams' each received a bronze award for 'Editing'. And, another spot within that campaign titled 'The Tree' was also nominated as a bronze winner for 'Sound Design'. 

We're thrilled with the continued success of these spots, and are very excited for Miky and the Big Sky team!

"The Tree"

"The Make Out"

Prada - Shortlist for AICP 2016

Congratulations to Autumn de Wilde, Anonymous Content, and our editor Miky Wolf, on making the shortlist for AICP 2016! The spot titled 'The Battlefield' made the shortlist for Visual Style, and 'The Battlefield' along with another spot titled 'The Laundromat' were both nominated for Production Design. 

We loved working on this quirky campaign and we're very happy for everyone involved!

Raving Reviews for "Custody"

"Custody" premiered this Sunday night at the Tribeca Film Festival and we were thrilled that it was so well received! 

Congratulations to our friend and director, James Lapine, and to Big Sky's own editor, Miky Wolf!

The film features the story of a NYC family court judge, played by Viola Davis, as she handles the case of a single mother trying to regain custody of her children after a physical altercation with her son. The story is based on James' experience watching a friend work as a judge. Because of that the film resonates deeply with the audience as a realistic but powerful tale of the judicial system, demonstrating the affects that it can have on all parties involved.

Click on the links below to read some of the most recent articles about the film, and make sure you see it as soon as it comes out in theaters! You won't be sorry.

'Family Secret'

Benicio del Toro is back at it again in another Heineken spot that our editor Chris cut with the creatives at Publicis. If you didn't love him before, or after watching his recent film "Sicario", you certainly will after being charmed by him in this romantic spot. Check it out below!

Saultopaul Premiers at Atlanta Film Festival

It's been an exciting month for our editor Miky Wolf, who has another film with a recent premier announcement - this time at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Our good friend and director John Henry Summerour spent over a year documenting a large family and their breathtakingly beautiful 1100 acre farm in Georgia, called 'Saultopaul', for his film.

Not only does this documentary short explore the gorgeous valleys and rock sculptures surrounding this family's land, but it also shows a glimpse into their day to day life and relationships.

We're thrilled for John and Miky and can't wait to see this great short on the big screen soon!

Custody to Premier at The Tribeca Film Festival

We're overjoyed to announce that a feature film, written & directed by our dear friend, James Lapine, and cut by our editor, Miky Wolf, will be premiering at The Tribeca Film Festival this spring. 

In the film, Catalina Sandino Moreno stars as a single mother fighting against the NYC legal system to resolve a family feud and gain back custody of her two children. Viola Davis stars as the judge, along with Hayden Panettiere, who portrays a recent law school grad defending Moreno's case.

Make sure you grab tickets for the premier to watch these power house women convey a realistic and heart wrenching story as you dive into each character's background.

Congrats again to James and Miky, and we hope to see everyone at the festival!

Heineken 'There's More Behind The Star'

Heineken's newest campaign features Academy Award Winner Benicio del Toro in several TV and digital spots, mocking himself in an attempt to compare his own underrated fame with that of the Heineken brand.

In the first spot to air on TV which our editor Chris Franklin cut, titled 'Famous', BDT appears suave in a crowded restaurant, until he encounters a few disruptive tourists. And, in one of the first digital spots titled '192 Countries', which our Sr. Assistant Josh Nowlan cut, BDT and Heineken brewmaster Willem van Waesberghe share a witty exchange about Heineken's process for quality check.

We're loving the humor in these spots, and certainly hope you do, too! 

Check them out below and read the articles attached. They include great press recently written up about the campaign. And, make sure to be on the lookout for more spots airing later this spring!




"192 Countries"

Keds 'Ladies First' Campaign

Our editor Miky Wolf cut a spot for Keds with KBS+ for a campaign titled, 'A Woman's Touch'. The spot features HBO's star from the hit series 'Girls', Allison Williams, packing for an upcoming trip. The shoes, set design,  track are already making us excited for spring! 

Watch the spot below, and click on the link here to read more about the campaign featuring Williams, Ciara, and Tori Kelly. Also, be on the lookout for another spot with Williams to air later on in the season!

Verizon Fios 'Ahem'

There's nothing worse than being with friends and family when everyone is wired to their devices - mentally disconnected.

Rashida Jones can relate.

Here's a spot that Chris and McCann cut for the holidays, just in time for everyone being together! And although we're in the new year now, you should still try Rashida's lines on some of your cohorts sometime soon. Check out the spot below. 

Nespresso on SNL

One of the spots that Chris Franklin worked on with McCann was featured as a parody on this week's Saturday Night Live episode, and it's pretty entertaining!

Check it out at the link below for a mid-Monday laugh.